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I like it when people make applications that serve a single purpose well
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I like it when people make applications that serve a single purpose and do it well. Remote Process Explorer is one of those applications. Remote Process Explorer allows you to view a list of the processes running on a remote computer and manage them. This kind of tool is mostly useful for network administrators and webmasters. But anyone who has more than 1 computer on a network and wants to be able to terminate or start new applications will most likely benefit from having this piece of software. Remote Process Explorer does not necessarily need to be installed on the target machine. All you need is a password and you can view the running processes of a machine. In theory, you can access any computer and run any kind of application if you have the password. So, if you are a hacker wannabe and want this for hacking, I am going to have to say: keep looking. This is strictly a management utility for Windows machines. It isn't complicated at all. You will see a list of processes, which you can kill at any time, and you will be given the ability to start new processes. It is simple and to the point. This application is actually free for non-commercial use. So if you want to try it out, you can go ahead and do it, no strings attached.

José Fernández
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